Ft. Gypsy Acres, Inc.

Our Name

Ft. Gypsy Acres, INC.

I named this Facility with this name after my first 2 horses. Gandolf, a Gypsy Pony (Irish Tinker Pony) and Red, a "Old World" Morgan.

Ft. is the abbreviation for Fort, a military outpost in the 1800s that house cavalry and helped settlers. During those times There mounts where either Quarter horses or Morgans. They chose theses horses because of there endurance, agility, and overall hard working attitude. Something I hope to model my students after.
Gypsy goes out to my first pony Gandolf a gypsy pony. Gypsys are tuff individuals who earn their way in the world, their pony's are just as tuff and legendary.


"Gypsy Gold does not glimmer in the sunlight, but it nickers in the moonlight" - an old Irish Legand 


Welcome to Ft. Gypsy Acres.

We have been running a small horse farm sense 2005. 

Currently we have 2 plots of land (collectively ~50 acres) in the Ponca City, OK area, that we work and board horses and cattle on.

We teach horses and riders in both English and Western. Specific disciplines include Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Reining, Working Cow Horse, some Cutting and some Barrels/Poles.


Specializing in Blackburn Blood lines


Mission Statement

Our goal is to teach riders the art and appreciation of equestrian events by promoting self motivation, hard work and good sportsmanship.

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