Ft. Gypsy Acres, Inc.

Head Trainer - Audrey Sears

Audrey is a Certified Riding instructor with the Certified Horseman's Association (CHA) in level 2 English with Jumping, and Level 2 Western. She also holds a C2 rating in Pony Club, a C1 Certified Ride Right Coach with Olympic trainer Daniel Stewart. A Level 2 Parelli. A Degree in Horse Management, and Certifications in Teaching Riding and Equine Training Technology From Central Wyoming College.


She is the Founder of Ft. Gypsy Acres, INC.


Her Mentors include:
(Western riding)                      (English riding)
-Jennifer Cole                         -Therese Schwartz
-Patti Stalley                          -Tomi Faulkner
-Darby Frank                          -Daniel Stewart

^^Audrey on Sluggo^^

Associate Trainer - Bryan Sears

Bryan is a Certified Riding instructor with CHA as well holding a Level 2 in Western riding and a Level 1 in English Riding. He is pretty much the Handyman, of the Facility.
He is also a Certified Farrier.
He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Masters in Animal Science with emphasis in Equine Genetics and Dairy Science.  

Member CHA

^^ Bryan on JR^^