Ft. Gypsy Acres, Inc.


We provide, both English and Western Training for Riders from ages 6 and Up
We currently have a few schooling horses or your welcome to bring your own horse to learn on. We also are willing to travel to your barn/facility to provide your lesson. (area must be with in reason and is subject to trip charges/fees) 

All our lessons are structured for the over all education of the rider. Providing both mounted and unmounted horse management, such as care, maintenance, safety, and training technics.   

current rates -
$25.00/hr - individual lesson (English & Western)
$25.00/hr - individual lesson on your land (English & Western) *subject to change based on gas prices and distance*

$10.00/hr - Group Lesson (per rider (see below for current schedule of group lessons)
$15.00/hr - Simi Privet Lessons per Rider (please contact for more information)

FAQ: When do I pay?  
we prefer you to pay during your lesson. typically right before you leave. we also prefer you pay PER lesson. we try not to do credits or packages because of weather cancellations and simply its hard for us to keep track on everyone's tabs.  
FAQ: What type of payment do you take?
Cash or Check only at this time.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons are a great way to meet other people and to learn in a fun environment.

Group Lesson Schedule 

"Western Dressage" - Saturdays
         This group lesson consists of adult riders of any discipline. This lesson teaches riders technics, to be safe, confident, and to have fun with there horses. combining English style instruction with Western riding and correctness. (This lesson is very subject to weather and amount of riders if you wish to ride or want to come out and watch please contact Audrey at ftgypsy@hotmail.com to know if there are any last minute cancellations or check our Calendar) 

FAQ: What does a Typical Lesson Consist of?

Here is a brief time line of a typical 1hour lesson.

1:00 - lesson starts. Grooming, Tacking up. and Questions. (normally questions are about conformation, or parts of the saddle/bridle, care, etc.)
1:15 - Riding Portion Begin. Warm Up, of the horse and rider.
1:20 - Exercise/Pattern
1:45 - Cool Out of horse and rider
1:50 - Untack. back brushing and any Questions.
2:00 - Ready to Go Home :)

FAQ: What do I need for a Lesson?

Ft. Gypsy Acres requires several things your you to have to attend a lesson. 
1) a Liability Release Form. Please email us ahead of time and one will be sent to you to fill out. it must be signed and given to your instructor before you ride.
2) an Equestrian Helmet. if your in the Ponca City Area this can be purchased at Tractor Supply Company or Atwoods. FGA does have extras but we prefer you have your own.
3) Cowboy or Paddock Boots. specifically boots with a smooth sole, heel and covers the ankle
4) Jeans/Pants and a Sleeved shirt.
For more information on any of these please contact us. 

FAQ: What is English or Western Riding?

There are 2 types of riding, English and Western.

English Style of Riding - this style uses a smaller saddle, which allows a better feel between horse and rider. This style is very classical tradition, focusing more on balance, and harmony. English Style includes Dressage, Jumping, Cross Country 







Western Style of Riding - this style is the more popular style or ridding, focusing mainly on practicality and training. Western Style includes Rodeo events such as Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, and Roping, Western also includes Cutting, Reining, Working Cow Horse, Pleasure, and Trail.